The Cast


Kirsty Strain

Kirsty Strain as Eve Mitchell:
30 years old, the founder of the P.I.T.S team, born in Texas and moved to the UK when she was a teenager. Eve was head hunted by Charles Sloan to run the unit after her exceptional track record in the field dealing with all sorts of situations on a day-to-day basis. Her cool head is often tested but she is open minded and determined to lead her team well, even if it means eating into her social life.


Sarah Louise Madison as Julia:
A young, seductive vampire who is pulled in for interrogation after repeatedly violating the zone laws within the city. Eve and Jack believe she has information on “the weapon” and do everything they can to find out what she knows. Is Julia being playful or is she being manipulated by an unknown force? Julia appears in the minisode, “The Weapon”.

Mark Harvey

Mark Harvey as Jack Stone:
29-year-old Jack is considered to be a veteran in the force. He quickly rose through the ranks but was dismissed for his reckless behaviour with weapons. While under suspension for an unprovoked attack on a gang of youths (which Jack insists they started) Eve quickly snapped him up and with his love of weapons he started to build protection against supernatural creatures. Although instructed to keep them low key and more as a backup by Eve, Jack’s modified a few of the team’s weapons just in case.


Caitlin Gillespie is Alia:
At 21 Alia is the youngest member of the team. Originally a police constable, Alia showed great confidence and honesty with a willingness to support her colleagues as much as she could. After requesting a transfer, Eve recruited her to the team and trained Alia to become a negotiator with vampires, werewolves and zombies. She knows several languages, with experience in research and communication. Alia always tries to prove her maturity and competency.  When she was in her teens Alia was scratched by a werewolf, subsequently becoming a werewolf herself. When the other creatures revealed their identities, Alia felt comfortable doing the same and joined the PIT team.


Alan Mackenzie as Hank Stevenson:
25-year-old Hank was the 2nd recruit to the P.I.T.S team having been head hunted by the founder, Eve. Hank was the computer expert in the team and was drafted into to set up advanced security systems designed to monitor supernatural activity. Initially he had no interest in field duty but after his run in with a gang of rogue vampires kidnapping teenagers, he became one of the best in the field. The leader of the vampires at a peace treaty signing that had gone wrong killed hank. His body was never recovered.

Anne Nicholson

Anne Nicholson as Crystal:
Crystal is an enigma, neither human nor creature, she is a self-appointed conduit between the PIT team and the underworld leaders in return for a small fee and sanctuary. She is clever and mischievous, never revealing her true intentions. Does not feature in the minisode.


Rhys Teare-Williams as Tom Middleton:
26-year-old Tom is the newest recruit to the P.I.T.S team after Hank’s death. Trained in several forms of self defence, a passion for law and order and an ability to keep his personal life (or lack thereof) and professional life separate, Tom relocates to the city and gets straight to business staking a troublesome woman vampire trying to recruit him. He initially clashes with the rest of his teammates. Does not feature in the minisode.

Billy Kirkwood

Billy Kirkwood as The Cult of Many Faces:
The Cult of Many Faces hides in the shadows and manipulates everybody and anybody to get his way. He craves power and knowledge. He has a source to guide him and with his charming personality and enigmatic way with words, very little have the ability to say no to him.

simon weir

Simon Weir as Deputy Chief Constable Norris Fletcher:
Late-30s (DOB classified). Fletcher is reluctantly put in charge of the P.I.T.S team however he believes that they are of no use and in fact cause most of the problems in the city. When his superior disappears due to pressures of the job, he is left to deal with the paperwork. Fletcher enforces rules and regulations, budget cuts and red tape to keep the team from doing as little damage as possible. He would much rather deal with “human crimes” than monsters. Does not feature in the minisode.

Caitlin Blackwood - Young Alexis

Caitlin Blackwood as Young Alexis:
Caitlin joins our series playing Young Alexis, a mysterious werewolf with a connection to the PITS team. Here we will see Alexis as young, sweet and protective but what will happen to her when her life takes a turn for the worse?

Des Gorman

Des O’Gorman as Alan Smith, Deputy PM:
Irish actor/comedian will be playing Alan Smith, the Deputy PM of Scotland, who actively campaigns for the treaty between vampires, werewolves and zombies. Alan takes a keen interest in the activities of the PITS team and will do anything to protect the Prime Minister.


Tam Toye as Captain Roberts:
Captain Roberts was Jack’s commanding officer in the army, now discharged himself he leads a life of bounty hunting, taking down rogue vampires and werewolves, but how will this get in the way of Jack’s life with the PITS team?


Catriona Joss as Jeanie:
A sweet old woman who on the surface is completely harmless and caring. But what’s hiding in her basement? Jeanie appears in our minisode, “The Weapon”.


Colin McCredie is Terry:
A proud werewolf, part of a secret order who maintain that the vampires could betray the treaty at any moment, safeguarding ancient secrets regarding “the weapon”. Terry is captured and tortured by the Cult of Many Faces but how long can he withstand the pain and manipulation? Terry appears in the minisode, “The Weapon”.


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