All the latest news regarding the “Cops and Monsters” web series will appear here!

25th March 2014
So much has happened in the space of a month!

O2’s “Think Big” project has joined us as supporters! Which means Phase II of funding our series has started a little bit earlier. Find out more from the Think Big page here.

We screened our minisode “The Weapon” at Em-Con on March 16th to a room full of people. We had a positive response and gained a lot more Twitter followers, thank you Em-Con.

We’ll be screening the minisode at Sci-Fi Scarborough on the 5th and 6th of April and we’ll be attending MCM Comic Con in London on May 23rd til 25th.

Our minisode launched on the 21st of March at 6.30pm and in 4 days we’ve had almost 1000 views!

Auditions for our first series will take place on the 6th and 12th of April with over 100 actors coming in to read for our show.

On the 12th of April we will be holding a special screening and Q & A of our minisode at Geek Retreat.

27th February 2014
Both Caitlin Blackwood (Doctor Who) and Gareth David-Lloyd (Torchwood) will be appearing in episodes 5 and 3 respectively.

Auditions for the rest of our cast will take place on the 5th and 6th of April in Glasgow.

Our minisode, “The Weapon” is near the end of post-production.

16th February 2014
We are aiming to release our first episode, “The Weapon”, by the 16th of March. Our crowd-funding backers will be given access to the episode first on a private link. The episode will run for around 9 minutes and acts as the starting point for the full series.

A full website at is currently being constructed. As soon as it’s live we’ll let you know.

You can check out our IMDb page by clicking here.

We expect our PITS team to return for our full 6 part series. We are currently seeking funding in order to produce the episodes this Summer. We will be attending Em-Con and MCM London Expo in March and May to screen our mini-sode and host a panel with cast and crew.

Both Sarah-Louise Madison (Julia/Vampire C56) and Billy Kirkwood (The Cult of Many Faces) will be returning as recurring characters throughout series 1.


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