Guest Stars

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As we continue to cast our series we’ll add all the information we have.

Caitlin Blackwood - Young Alexis

Caitlin Blackwood as Young Alexis:
Caitlin joins our series playing Young Alexis, a mysterious werewolf with a connection to the PITS team. Here we will see Alexis as young, sweet and protective but what will happen to her when her life takes a turn for the worse?


Gareth David-Lloyd as Turner:

All Turner is after is a normal, peaceful life with his wife Jane and his young daughter, but when his werewolf abilities are exploited by a shadowy figure, just how far will Turner go to protect his family?


Tam Toye as Captain Roberts:
Captain Roberts was Jack’s commanding officer in the army, now discharged himself he leads a life of bounty hunting, taking down rogue vampires and werewolves, but how will this get in the way of Jack’s life with the PITS team?


Kai Owen
Details to be announced shortly.

Holly Jack

Holly Jack as Alexis

From a sweet, loving young girl, Alexis has been through more than any normal person could handle, now filled with anger, rage and the power of an unstoppable werewolf, how will the PITS team deal with her and what happens if The Cult of Many Faces gets some face-to-face with her?


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