Cops and Monsters VS The Future



While we had originally planned to shoot our first series this Summer, due to the availability of some of our cast and with Glasgow hosting the Commonwealth Games in our busiest shooting block, we have now confirmed our filming dates to be May and June of next year.

To everybody who had donated to our current crowdfunding campaign, THANK YOU! Your perks will be honoured as soon as possible once filming has got underway.

We will be shooting a new minisode, “Lullaby”, in July this year to help us further promote Cops and Monsters and secure the funding we need to shoot our 6 part series in 2015.

From August onwards we will be running 6 crowdfunding campaigns, each of the same amount, to raise the funding we need to shoot EACH episode. If we go over our intended target on any of our episode campaigns, we will take that money forward into the next episode’s campaign.

Again we will be approaching conventions around the UK in the hope that we can attend them so we can meet all of you in person and discuss our show and screen our two minisodes so far! We hope that in the future we can premiere our first full-length episode at a convention.

Stuart Bannerman, creator of From Page 2 Screen has joined our team as Promotions and Marketing Manager and as such is now in charge of our Twitter and Facebook page. He will keep everybody up to date with what is going on there.

The entire team are excited for our Cops and Monsters future and we can’t wait to share it with you!


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