Cops and Monsters – It Begins


Cops and Monsters is officially off the ground!

We raised our £2000 target on Indiegogo (thank you to everybody who supported us!) and we shot our minisode, “The Weapon” on location in Glasgow and Paisley.

Our cast Kirsty Strain (Eve), Caitlin Gillespie (Alia), Mark Harvey (Jack), Alan Mackenzie (Hank), Sarah-Louise Madison (Julia), Colin McCredie (Terry), Billy Kirkwood (The Cult of Many Faces) and Cat Joss (Jeanie) joined our cast as we shot the script on the Red Epic (provided by Futurist Digital Ltd) throughout the day.


Over the next few weeks we’ll edit the episode, add the visual effects, sound and music and prepare it for Em-Con in March.

Our writers Ian Smith, Amanda Kane and Fraser Coull will then proceed to finish the 6 episodes of series 1 and set about funding the show so we can shoot it in the Summer and get the episodes online for you all to see.

If you would like to support Cops and Monsters please get in touch with us.

Thank you!


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