Waterloo Road Star Caitlin Gillespie is Alia Carmichael!

We have officially cast all of our roles in Cops and Monsters: The Weapon, the first episode in our supernatural web series.

Waterloo Road and River City actress Caitlin Gillespie has joined our production playing Alia Carmichael. Alia is a member of the Paranormal Investigation Team Scotland as a negotiator between vampires, werewolves and zombies. As well as being responsible for keeping the peace between the species, Alia has to balance her “normal life” as whenever the full moon arrives, Alia transforms into a powerful werewolf.

Watch the video above to listen to Caitlin discuss her character, why she took the role and how you can get involved by donating to our minisode at http://igg.me/at/copsandmonsters/x/63701

Caitlin joins Kirsty Strain (Eve Mitchell), Alan Mackenzie (Hank), Sarah-Louise Madison (Julia), Mark Harvey (Jack), Billy Kirkwood (The Cult of Many Faces), Catriona Joss (Jeanie) and Colin McCredie (Terry) in “The Weapon”.

Shooting begins in Glasgow on the 19th of January on our 5 minute episode which will be made available to view online in February. Steve Johnson is providing us with the Red Epic which we intend to shoot the entire series on. Once released we will finish writing series 1 and seek private and public funding in order to shoot our next 6 x 20 minute episodes in Summer 2014.

“The Weapon” is written by Fraser Coull and Mark Harvey. Produced by Emer O’Donovan and Megan Lumsden.


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