Meet the Cast and Crew


Last Sunday we shot our first episode, “The Weapon”, which will act as a scene setter and introduce you to the PITS team and the dangerous creatures that are now part of our every day lives. With the minisode in post-production we will do our best to add new content to the site for you to enjoy and be a part of our journey.

This week we’ll refresh you on who are cast and crew are as we share the videos shot to raise awareness of the series. Rachael Darroch is currently editing a behind the scenes featurette that was shot on location of our minisode and we’ll share that with you as soon as we can.


Cops and Monsters – It Begins


Cops and Monsters is officially off the ground!

We raised our £2000 target on Indiegogo (thank you to everybody who supported us!) and we shot our minisode, “The Weapon” on location in Glasgow and Paisley.

Our cast Kirsty Strain (Eve), Caitlin Gillespie (Alia), Mark Harvey (Jack), Alan Mackenzie (Hank), Sarah-Louise Madison (Julia), Colin McCredie (Terry), Billy Kirkwood (The Cult of Many Faces) and Cat Joss (Jeanie) joined our cast as we shot the script on the Red Epic (provided by Futurist Digital Ltd) throughout the day.


Over the next few weeks we’ll edit the episode, add the visual effects, sound and music and prepare it for Em-Con in March.

Our writers Ian Smith, Amanda Kane and Fraser Coull will then proceed to finish the 6 episodes of series 1 and set about funding the show so we can shoot it in the Summer and get the episodes online for you all to see.

If you would like to support Cops and Monsters please get in touch with us.

Thank you!

Waterloo Road Star Caitlin Gillespie is Alia Carmichael!

We have officially cast all of our roles in Cops and Monsters: The Weapon, the first episode in our supernatural web series.

Waterloo Road and River City actress Caitlin Gillespie has joined our production playing Alia Carmichael. Alia is a member of the Paranormal Investigation Team Scotland as a negotiator between vampires, werewolves and zombies. As well as being responsible for keeping the peace between the species, Alia has to balance her “normal life” as whenever the full moon arrives, Alia transforms into a powerful werewolf.

Watch the video above to listen to Caitlin discuss her character, why she took the role and how you can get involved by donating to our minisode at

Caitlin joins Kirsty Strain (Eve Mitchell), Alan Mackenzie (Hank), Sarah-Louise Madison (Julia), Mark Harvey (Jack), Billy Kirkwood (The Cult of Many Faces), Catriona Joss (Jeanie) and Colin McCredie (Terry) in “The Weapon”.

Shooting begins in Glasgow on the 19th of January on our 5 minute episode which will be made available to view online in February. Steve Johnson is providing us with the Red Epic which we intend to shoot the entire series on. Once released we will finish writing series 1 and seek private and public funding in order to shoot our next 6 x 20 minute episodes in Summer 2014.

“The Weapon” is written by Fraser Coull and Mark Harvey. Produced by Emer O’Donovan and Megan Lumsden.

Meet the Cast – Sarah-Louise Madison

Doctor Who actress Sarah-Louise Madison discusses her character Julia and explains what perks we have left! 11 days to go and £1290 to raise! Get a signed script, signed copy of the minisode on DVD with cast interviews and making of, signed cast photos, a role in the minisode as a zombie WITH Sarah and more! Plus every donation received also gets a FREE bonus short film DVD and copy of the minisode’s soundtrack on CD.

Donate now at

Colin McCredie Joins The Cast!


Colin McCredie star of stage and screen, a frequent player at Oran Mor’s A Play, A Pint and a Pie, as well as starring in Shallow Grave, River City, Taggart and CBBC’s Wooly and the Tig, has joined Cops and Monsters!

Colin is playing Terry – a wise yet defiant werewolf who has been kidnapped by a rogue group of vampires, tortured for weeks on end for information, information he refuses to give up. That is until the mysterious Cult of Many Faces (Billy Kirkwood) arrives on the scene.

We’ve got 12 days left to raise £1290 with a WIDE range of perks so check them out at

Alan Mackenzie – Hank Stevenson


Alan Mackenzie has officially joined Cops and Monsters playing the role of Hank Stevenson, the geeky computer  security expert with romantic ties to Eve.

Over the next couple of weeks we’ll announce the rest of our cast.

We’ve got 15 days left to raise a further £1400 to shoot our mini-sode so please head over to and grab our perks to support our series! Thank you.

Herculean – Glasgow Indie Band

Glasgow indie rock band Herculean have joined Cops and Monsters! The group will provide the music for the opening titles of our mini-sode, “The Weapon”.

Check out their music at

We’ve now got 15 days left to raise a further £1400 to shoot our mini-sode and you can get involved at – we’ve got great perks including set visits, signed scripts, signed DVDs, fight training lessons, comedy gig tickets and more!