What is Cops and Monsters?

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 09.53.05What is Cops and Monsters?

Cops and Monsters is a brand spanking new web series coming in 2014 (assuming we have our way!). It is a 6-part series with 20 minute episodes written by Fraser Coull, Amanda Kane and Ian Smith. Set in an alternative Scotland 5 years from now, the country voted YES for independence but didn’t count on vampires, werewolves and zombies emerging from the shadows asking to be a part of our every day society. After a massive riot where many were injured and killed, the Prime Minister met with the representatives of the vampires and the werewolves to discuss a treaty that suited all parties. As part of the arrangement a special division had to be created within the team in order to police both sides. And so the Paranormal Investigation Team Scotland is born!

What’s the story?

With the PITS in place, peace and harmony exists between humanity, vampires, werewolves and zombies. The country is divided into zones, each with their own curfews and arrangements. Everybody mostly gets along but crimes still happen and some vampires and werewolves stray from the rules…

On the eve of the new treaty being signed the leader of the vampires is attacked, and the PITS get the blame! It’s up to the team to investigate who is behind the attack while welcoming new boy Tom Middleton, who was introduced  to the team by the Prime Minister as a way of keeping an eye on the PITS activities.

So who’s in it?

We’re still looking for all of our cast to play all of our characters but we’ve got Kirsty Strain, Sarah Louise Madison, Simon Weir, Mark Harvey, Anne Nicholson, Billy Kirkwood and Rhys Teare-Williams all lined up so far.

And the minisode, what’s that about?

On January 19th we’re shooting a 4-5 minute mini-episode called “The Weapon” that will introduce several of the key characters in our planned Cops and Monsters universe. The majority of the cast will be involved and once it’s edited and our team make it look shiny, we’ll get it up online for you all to see. We’ll also use it to as a reel to approach backers and companies to help fund the full 6 part series!

Is it expensive to make a mini-episode?

Not super-expensive but enough for us to need to crowd-fund it. We need to pay for the equipment, locations, props, costumes and most importantly our cast and crew.

What’s crowd-funding?

Crowd-funding is where you have a campaign to raise money for your projects. It’s very common now, even Zach Braff (him from Scrubs) and Sylvester Stallone are doing it to make their new movies. They’re asking for thousands and thousands, we’re only asking for £2000. In return you can visit our set, get a signed photo from the cast, get the mini-sode on DVD with special features, a signed script, a Cops and Monsters t-shirt, fight training lessons from Hybrid Martial Arts (they worked on Batman Begins!) and you can even be a vampire, werewolf or zombie in our show!

Great! Where do I sign up?

You can go to indiegogo.com/projects/cops-and-monsters-a-new-supernatural-web-series/x/63701 and see what perks there are. We’ve got perks from £1 to £200 and they are international too.

I don’t have any money but I want to help!

Spread the word on Twitter, Facebook and anywhere else you can think of. Tell your family, friends and work colleagues. We need YOUR help to make this work so tell everybody. Even a £1 will help us.

Can I be in it or part of the crew?

At this time we’ve got all the crew we need for the mini-sode but we might need more in the Summer. Cast wise we’re in the process of sorting that out but again we might need actors in the Summer. Keep an eye open.

I love the videos on your crowd-funding page and I want more!

You got it! We’ll be making videos with the cast and crew as time goes on and hopefully you’ll like them just as much!

That’s all of our news for now! Keep checking back for more updates!


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