Cops and Monsters

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 09.53.05

The official Cops and Monsters teaser poster by Louise Butler

In an alternative future where Scotland has gained independence, vampires, werewolves and zombies begin to come out of the shadows declaring their desire to join the human race; the Prime Minister agrees to sign a treaty and assembles a special unit within the police to protect both mankind and creature. Eve Mitchell is drafted in from Texas to lead the Paranormal Investigation Team Scotland; recruiting the best members that time has afforded her.

The PITS team is made up of Texan Eve Mitchell, weapons export Jack Stone, negotiator and researcher, Alia Carmichael, and the new recruit, Tom Middleton, straight-laced and to the point. Charged with policing any crimes and incidents between the supernaturals and humans, the team find themselves up against daily struggles both personally and professionally.

We are in pre-production of a 4-minute mini-episode, “The Weapon” on the Red Epic at the start of January in Glasgow with our primary cast. The minisode is designed to introduce our characters and the world that they inhabit. We expect to shoot the minisode within a day and premiere it online on our website, Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites.

We will also have a screening of the trailer and hold a Q & A at Geek Retreat in Glasgow where members of the public, potential Cops and Monsters viewers, can meet the cast and crew and get involved in the production.

From there we will devise our budget for the full 6 episodes, approach funding bodies and seek out funding opportunities to shoot the series.

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